Service Level Packages

  • RIS/PACS Integrated Solution built exclusively for the unique needs of the Ambulatory / Small Hospital Market
  • Supports seamless end-to-end radiology workflow from scheduling through interpretation, billing and claims management
  • Ideal for single or multiple site practices
  • Workflow designed to maximize enterprise efficiencies
  • Web-based application for deployment efficiencies
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface

Core Level

VHCIT provides a web-based tool for System Administrators to conduct important system analysis including HIPAA audit log information, PACS status monitoring/reporting and performance trending analysis.  24/7/365 technical support, monitoring, and oversight plus monthly available training.

Building on the Core services, we guarantee achieving 100% uptime. VHCIT can quickly solve an issue, restore interrupted service, and maintaining high utilization. Our Support Specialists to help reduce unplanned downtime, promote resilience, and enhance usability throughout your IT system's lifecycle. Enterprise Imaging solutions connect advanced diagnostic tools and image management platforms.

Connect Level

VHCIT provides a comprehensive, fully interoperable, and secure RIS/PACS solution that includes infrastructure, administration and support.  VHCIT supports clients by managing and improving their businesses, by strategically planning, directing, and coordinating all technology activities for their business operations and clinical and technical needs. Providers gain bandwidth, redundancy, monitoring, and security services.

Complete Level

Putting Providers First

From coast to coast, VasoHealthcareIT Specialists are hands-on working with providers in need of healthcare IT solutions and support. Serving healthcare organizations who represent smaller hospitals, outpatient clinics, and radiology practices, VHCIT has professional consultants who understands the provider’s technology and operation needs.   Clients gain specialized expertise and customized solutions that make a measurable impact to imaging and patient care.