Technology Management & Support

VasoHealthcareIT is first and foremost a radiology diagnostic imaging partner with extensive experience and knowledge in imaging workflow and systems plus network integration. Our support team consists of highly-skilled and experienced Analysts and System Application Specialists who thoroughly understand the radiology imaging environment and its operational challenges. A unique approach to 24/7/365 network monitoring services gives us the ability to proactively anticipate problems before they actually occur to minimize system downtime and unwelcomed disruptions to our care providers.

VasoHealthcareIT provides technology support and management solutions that enable our clients to focus on their core competencies which in-turn drives better business performance and patient care.  We are committed to provide the highest standards in IT service, predictability, uptime, patient safety, network, and data security.


Supporting the day-to-day management of GE Imaging applications and related systems for more agility, lower costs, and a better end-user experience.


Managed cloud services and hosting with reliability, performance, security, and 24 /7/365 support needed for trouble-free operations.


Dedicated project leads fully assess client needs and customize implementation to workflows and imaging services provided for an efficient and timely utilization of applications and equipment.

Technical Support

Deep resources of IT and business professionals that are experts in Imaging Equipment, Hosting Services, Security, and Healthcare Operations.