VasoHealthcareIT (VHCIT) was founded upon the simple belief that providers deserve more.  Expanding on the success of VasoHealthcare, the largest channel partner of GE Healthcare’s Diagnostic Imaging products across the country, VHCIT is purpose-built around the vision of an exceptional customer experience, rarely found in the outpatient and community hospital environment. VHCIT delivers world-class imaging information technology and advanced network solutions that enable our customers to focus on what is most important—their patients. 


VHCIT Solutions Include:

  • Applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Connectivity
  • Security & Monitoring
  • Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Technical Support:  U.S.-based

Through its solutions and partners, VHCIT delivers end-to-end support for the entire continuum of the imaging workflow.

Need More in Your RIS/PACS Solution?

© General Electric Company used with permission

© General Electric Company used with permission

Challenges facing providers and their RIS/PACS solutions, whether among smaller hospitals, outpatient clinics, or imaging centers, are extensive.  The field is changing rapidly which makes it hard for imaging facilities to keep up with the technology and informatics.  These problems can be formidable.

Since most providers have existing RIS/PACS solutions, outdated technology creates operational inefficiency, more swivel time and clicks, and the enormous task of making upgrades. Vendors often make claims to partner with providers, but do little to provide support and service;  yet, monitoring is unreliable.  The lack of patient data security and the risk of network exposure are serious concerns not solved by available IT resources. Plus, there is complexity of integrating and maintaining healthcare IT platforms, including the EHR, HIS, RIS, and Billing systems, to optimize automation and workflow.

Providers must acquire the expertise and resources to address these challenges and avoid impact to care and financial performance.

VHCIT implements and supports Centricity® Solutions for imaging software solutions through superior customer service and technical expertise. Working with radiology providers, VHCIT enables them to serve thousands of patients conducting thousands of studies across the country. Our services address the evolution of imaging modalities requiring advanced applications and storage.


Why Choose VasoHealthcareIT?

VHCIT is the source for healthcare technology & network solutions that improve image management and patient care.  Key benefits of working with VHCIT:

  • Improved total cost of ownership
  • Customer service excellence
  • Genuine partnership experience
  • Dedicated, personally-focused IT support
  • Best-in-class vendor partners
  • 24/7/365 , U.S.-based, network operations center

Providers count on VHCIT for industry leading RIS/PACS, storage, and network solutions used by radiology departments to optimize imaging IT. The solution provides archives for storage of multimodality images, integrates images with patient database information, and displays both images and patient information at workstations throughout the network. Providers have access to view all images regardless of locations or devices.